Collin Henderson || Hitcraft Series Lecture, Q&A and Clinic

Collin Henderson at Battle Hall on July 21st

Just like you train your body to perform at its best, performing at your best mentally also takes practice.

To help athletes, coaches and parents learn those skills to build that mental toughness, our next Hitcraft Series Lecture and Clinic features mental coach, Collin Henderson.

Thursday, July 21st, Collin will join us in Battle Hall at the Warstic Flagship Store to present a free lecture and Q&A, followed by a paid clinic, sharing the skills he teaches Olympic, professional and college athletes and coaches to improve their mental game.

In the lecture at 6:30pm, he will provide tools to help you elevate your performance by strengthening your mental toughness. The body has limits, but the mind is limitless and by winning the inner-game, you will dominate the outer game.

Following the conversation and Q&A at 7:45pm, Collin will lead a clinic that will expand on what was presented in the lecture. He will give live training on how to win the “inner-game”. Just like you would condition your body, Collin will teach how to step into the “mind gym” to build mental strength. The clinic will be very interactive full of activities, group interaction, personal reflection, and mental tools you can apply in sport and life. Participants are encouraged to bring something to take notes with so they can continue the work outside of the clinic, “Don’t just think it, ink it!”

Click the link below to RSVP for the lecture and clinic. The Lecture and Q&A are free to attend, RSVP does not guarantee a seat.

The clinic is $75 per participant, space is limited so each clinic participant must RSVP individually to secure their spot.

*Please note- the booking system is displaying the event times incorrectly, showing the lecture at 11:30am and clinic at 12:45pm. Rest assured, the event begins at 6:30pm on 7/21.*