Add a big clan collection image above. Then Copy goes here. Make it clear one the uniform package, and team Warstic gear package are required(that package will be a bundle of metal bat, batting glove, and bag)...I think we can do that duo its still tries to inventory? test out. everything else in the collection is optional for the player and parent/fans. so this should be liking shopping for school supplies, there are required things, and choices for those, then optional things to add. 


Or just make clear copy that says you must buy 


1 metal bat

1 batting gloves

1 Bag

1 Uniform package

They do not have to be purchased at the same time. 

 problem is still discount codes....

bc metal bat is different than wood an all other products

Use team coach discount codes

BEARDALLASBEAMON40 for metal bats

BEARDALLASBEAMON20 for all other products (excludes uniform fee)

so only way to simplify is same discount for every product?