What You Can Earn

As a Warstripe Nation Ambassador, you have the opportunity to be featured on our socials and website while earning exclusive discounts, free product and even cash rewards when you share your experiences using our products and represent the warrior lifestyle.

How The Program Works

How Do I Apply

Click HERE to download the Brandbassador App. Once loaded, sign-up with your preferred log in method.

Next, fill out the required information. The more information you provide at sign-up, the better we're able send you specific missions.

Earn bonus points right from the start by connecting you social media accounts. By connecting these accounts, you will be able to participate in future, platform specific missions.

Once you've made it to this screen, hit APPLY to submits your application. Within 24 hours, our team will approve you to join the program. Once approved, explore the app and check out all of the available missions! And don't forget about your personal share link and discount code, be sure to generate those and add the link to your profile and share with your friends and family!

Program FAQs

It's a chance for our most passionate and active fans to be rewarded for sharing Warstic with everyone you know. You probably already do that, and with our Ambassador program, it allows us to make it an official partnership.

As a Warstripe Nation Ambassador, you can complete missions to earn exclusive discounts, free gear, and more. You choose which of these tasks to complete, and you will also have access to a referral code you can share with your friends, family and followers for 10% off their Warstic.com purchase, and you will earn a commission on all purchases made using your link.

Any resident of the United States or Canada, 13 years or older is eligible to become a Warstripe Nation Ambassador. However, for anyone under the age of 18 and not currently enrolled in college, please consult your state or sport governing body's regulations pertaining to NIL to confirm participating in the ambassador program will not jeopardize your eligibility. For student athletes at NCAA and NJCAA institutions, please contact your institutions compliance officer to ensure proper documentation. Click HERE for the NCAA's NIL Interim Policy.

Warstic bears no responsibility for ambassador athletes that are deemed ineligible for play because they are found to be in violation of sports governing bylaws.

When setting up your account in the brandbassador app, you will designate the payment method of your choice. In the app, you can see all of your earnings and payments will be made automatically. It's easy to update if you ever want to change your payment method, access new missions to earn more, or share your referral link! Payments can also be issued as a discount to be used on a Warstic purchase.

Ready to Start? Let's Go!

Ambassadors in Action