Warstic Dealers


Texas-based Warstic Sports Inc. is offering licenses to a limited number of select outside dealers in target regions to represent and sell the hottest baseball hitting products in the industry.

Warstic dealers win, because we create world class content and marketing materials for you to share to potential customers. We sell more than performance sporting goods we deliver a mentality of belief and confidence.

If you’re interested in becoming a Warstic dealer, contact us at dealers@warstic.com.  Please include your location, how you’re involved in baseball, and why you’re interested in being a Warstic dealer.

Approved Warstic Dealers are listed below. If there is a dealer listed in your area, please contact them directly for demos.  If you do not see a dealer listed in your area, please contact dealers@warstic.com so we can better assist you.


Name Location State Phone
Trenton Mooney San Diego CA (858) 220-5658
Joseph Brautigam Tampa FL (813) 613-0190
Daniel Small Atlanta GA
(843) 532-9032
Shaun Dziuban Atlanta GA (313) 759-9306
Ryan Thelen Minneapolis MN (952) 200-8460
Ryan Lundquist Norman OK
(405) 488-8644
Robbie Beaver
Oklahoma City
(405) 886-8255
Matt Murphy Oklahoma City OK
(405) 641-6942
Mike Murphy Oklahoma City OK
(405) 641-6942
DJ Denning
Nashville TN
(615) 300-4959
Brian Synatzke
Dallas TX
(214) 287-1437
Robby Deevers Fort Worth TX (815) 474-8627
Mike Settle
Houston TX
(713) 458-6454
Wagner Wicks Lubbock TX (806) 790-0497
Graham Gill
Seattle WA
(253) 579-4752