Designing Belief; The Making of the Warstripe Decal

Watch our short video Designing Belief; The Making of the Warstripe Decal to get behind the scenes look at the care that goes into making our core symbol come to life. 

NOW YOU CAN PICK YOUR WARSTRIPE COLOR ON ALL CUSTOM WOOD BATS!  Our Bat logo decals are printed artfully by our pals at Label Solutions Inc in Texas. Customize the style of your bat by choosing your preferred stain style, stain colors, engraving color and now you can also choose from a full range of logo colors to style your bat.




The "warstripes" emblem on each of our bats represents this struggle between past and future. Both are distractions we cannot afford to acknowledge when it comes to hitting an exploding fastball. We offer this symbol as a focusing tool, reminding us to see the space between the ||’s; the present, the center balancing point in between the physical and mental realms. Through meditation, this brings perspective, and a grateful, calm spirit.

Clear the mind of all concern for goal, breathe, trust your training, and be present. It’s strong medicine. When you have perspective, you achieve clear site. In this state, a hitter can have the mindset of the hunter, not the hunted. Offensive, not defensive. Not unlike a predatory animal, poised in their stillness to attack, you are infinitely more dangerous to your opponent because you are in focused, calm high state of awareness.  The game slows down. There is no question in your opponent's mind of your intent. To hunt. Approach each pitch, each at-bat, each game, each week, each season, your life, with a warrior/hunter mindset. 

A Warstic hitter, is a complete hitter. Because a one dimensional warrior, is a dead warrior.

Time to Hunt.

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