What We Fight For.

True warrior’s defend the defenseless. When you swing Warstic® you swing it in honor, and support, of real people on the ground battling to improve the spirit of the human experience.

Our mission is to make more people aware of the harder to find, but important causes led by these warriors.  We do this by highlighting their stories, supporting them through fundraising efforts, scholarships, and though sharing a portion of our annual profits.

The core causes we support on an ongoing basis are:

1) Our main cause is leading efforts to better the health and wellness of Native Youth in America thru sports & recreation.

2) The battle to conserve our nation’s rivers, streams and hunting grounds.

3) During any national holiday honoring our nations veterans we support the healing and wellbeing of injured U.S. combat soldiers

4) Specifically through the sale of our Pro Signature wood bat collections we also support the individual causes of our professional big league players.


What is the Fund?

The American Indian Stic Warriors Fund by Warstic was created to raise funds to sponsor Native American Youth in the sports of Baseball, Softball, Hockey, & Lacrosse.  The fund will also work to opportunistically improve the quality of stic sports facilities on tribal lands wherever we can. Ourultimate, long term goal is to make quality equipment, facilities,  instruction and education in these stic sports more accessible to native american youth by easing the financial burden associated with specialized select sports in todays world. We seek to work with Native, and non-native youth to hone their mental game, increase nutritional knowledge and to expand their perspective on life beyond sports. We will work to provide mentors to extend youth minds beyond the field of battle to make sure they value service, learning, health & nutrition, and appreciation for heritage, art and music.
    Why did we create the Fund?

    The real reason to dedicate a portion of our lives to sports is to develop character and life skills beyond the field of play. Select sports, and baseball especially, has been taken over by business people who are doing a poor job of developing young men and women on the field of play and in the game of life. Because of the opportunity to make money, the game at the youth level has become a sport of haves and have nots run not entirely but mostly by business people, not teachers and mentors of the game.  Not to mention access to recreational league-based stic sports are getting harder and harder to find. Participation in sports can be a great character development tool simply because they are hard to master, require such mental strength. You must endure constant failure and learn to bounce back. We want to help encourage participation in these stic sports but to youth who do not have the financial means to do so. Baseball teaches us self control, grit and gratitude that will serve us beyond the playing field. And many Native youth face greater challenges than any group in America. So its not about how good we become at baseball, it is about developing belief in ones ability to confront challenges, and move on from failure to battle. 

    "My goal with the American Indian Stic Warriors Fund is to give Native Youth the energy back that I once received when I was inspired by Native friends and artists in my past. The fact that they are still alive today is the great sign that we should be learning from them about how to live. Without that inspiration Warstic would not be what it is. And may not even exist. But because of their spirit, WE have a warriors spirit. So if we are successful, I hope the fund helps native youth believe in themselves, thrive, and grow. I hope it inspires them to go make art of their own in whatever that art form may be. Maybe its sports, maybes its business, politics, or fine art. I hope we inspire them to believe in themselves and ultimately be self determined. Because that is what they have done for me" 

    Founder of Warstic

    How you can help?

    1) Buy products, and in doing so support this cause.


    2) Nominate Native Youth for scholarships. We take nominations to identify Native youth players of any age who love the sport of baseball, and soon softball, hockey, and lacrosse, and want to continue their education of the sport they love. 


    3) Let us know of stic sport facilities on tribal lands that need improvement. Tell us the stories of the people working to support Native youth. 


    Pictured are Kolten, Lucas, and Tui. Just a few of the Native Youth we sponsor.