We Fight For

True warrior’s defend the defenseless. When you swing Warstic® you swing it in honor, and support, of real world people and organizations out there battling for causes to improve the human experience. Our mission is to make more people aware of the harder to find, but important causes led by these warriors.  We do this by highlighting their stories, supporting them through fundraising efforts, and though sharing a portion of our annual profits. The core causes we support on an ongoing basis are: the healing and wellbeing of injured U.S. combat veterans, efforts to better the health and wellness of our Native Youth in America, and the battle to conserve our nation’s rivers, streams and hunting grounds. Through the sale of our Pro Signature wood bat collections we also support the individual causes of our professional players. Subscribe to our newsletter and read our || JOURNAL to learn more.



Our take is that baseball is trending heavily toward making quality instruction more and more inaccessible to kids who can’t afford it. So instead of sponsoring baseball teams, we simply choose to align our giving efforts directly to individual youth players who most need it. We are dedicated to helping kids with a passion for baseball, but no means to pursue it financially. We help them access higher level baseball training through individual scholarships. Please nominate a youth in your community today by emailing us. And please encourage a multi-sport childhood!

- Johnny Battle