Our purpose is to utilize our creativity to evolve the beauty and meaning of sporting goods by making Art in unexpected places.


Our mission is to inspire stick sport athletes to attack the ball, and life, with a warrior’s mindset so that they are more engaged and successful in both.


"We have a right to our labor, but not to the fruits of our labor.”

The process of making our business, is its own reward. The only real reward. Do the work. Enjoy the success if you’re lucky enough to get it. You earned it. But don’t take it personally and don’t let it go to your head.

  1. Battle Spirit. We are the examples of the mentality we preach. The focused, calm hunter, with the warrior’s mindset. We believe in ourselves, and stay calm when challenges confront us.
  2. Focus. Don’t try to be all thing to all people. Practice psychological resilience and don’t be tempted to be someone we are not.
  3. Originality. It’s up to me to bring new things into the world (Art). Not to wait for others to do it or play off of competitors ideas.
  4. Passion for effect. I’m not in this for the money, I’m in it to have a positive affect on people’s experience of the world via what we make. And I make a living doing that.
  5. Build. We build our world. We build the experience for our customer directly, we do not rely on retailers to do that for us.
  6. Find the way. Work like a river. Obstacles appear, don’t give up and assume it is over. Work around them like water.
  7. Heart. Have the heart succeed for others benefit. If we succeed, it will benefit the cases we support.
  8. Pick others up. If one of us fails, pick them up.
  9. Make Something Happen. Be Effective, don’t just fill time but use time well. Know what matters and what doesn’t.
  10. 20/80. Trim the fat, keep the muscle. To be effective, we think "What is the least amount of effort I can put in to have the greatest impact?" That does not mean we are lazy, it means we have to do the hard work to strategize our effort efficiently. Our small, smart efforts will have impact, and all those efforts together will snowball into having a huge effect.
  11. Growth Mindset. Our intellect is not predetermined. We can continue to learn, grow, and make ourselves into more than we are today.
  12. Greatness Defined. Our success is not defined by our size, but by the size of our impact on the world we create in.
  13. Warstic first. In every situation, do what is best for the company. Not yourself, not your department. If we do this, we will all personally benefit in the long run.
  14. Perfect try. Always do your best to get the small details right, finish the job. People notice the small details that are left undone, or unaddressed. We cannot achieve perfection, but we can aim for it.
  15. Body and mind. Take care of your health, so the mind works well.