"I just want to say what an amazing job you all are doing at Warstic. Even through these trying times, you manage to put out the best possible product and satisfaction. Things are limited here in Chicago due to COVID-19 as well as other cities in our great nation, but the way you’ve handled it has been seamless. I ordered a custom wood bat during the heart of the pandemic. My order was perfect and on time. It’s been less than a week, and my Bonesaber arrives tomorrow. That just speaks volumes to how this company strives to deliver nothing but the best! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to start taking some hacks with my son and continue to be a lifelong customer!"— Caleb Bonilla (03/23/2021)

"The Warstic motto has been one that I have lived by these last two years and it has shaped me into a better player and a better man. I want to thank you for all that you guys do, I wouldn’t be where I am without it." — Hunter Butler

Young boy holding Warstic baseball bat with his back to the camera.
"My son, Dexter, absolutely loves your bats and company. Ever since he heard about it, he has been a fan and a customer. He is just 13, but I think you have a fan for life. Thank you for producing great products while at the same time demonstrating social responsibility through your support of various causes, including Native American causes. We come from the Afognak tribe, so we love to see that support."— Brad Cleveringa (06/07/2020)

"Your bat is the best bat my son has ever used. He got his first Warstic last year and the bat still does not have any dents or flat spots on it. I have told others about your bat and have nothing but good things to say about it. He has told me that he only wants to use your bats from now on. And the sound of the bat is great for an aluminum bat. Keep up the good work." — Brad Hackbirth

Gunner with his Gunner Metal Bat
"Today I took my 9 year old son into the showroom in Dallas and had a great experience. The staff was extremely helpful and my son was thoroughly impressed with the whole process. My son's name is Gunner and of course after swinging every youth model bat he chose the black limited addition 'The Gunner'.”— Ashley Griffith

"Big Thanks to you, Mr. Kinsler, Mr. White, & the entire Warstic family for enhancing my love of the game even further over the past few years. The craftsmanship and performance of your bats have caused several opponents to ask “is that a Warstic?! That’s awesome” before, during and after an at-bat. Your company truly captures what baseball means to people, both in the game and out. Keep up the amazing work! You have a customer for life." — Matthew Van De Velde

"Bought my son Jake a Warstick Bonesaber and am beyond impressed with your product. First and foremost, my son loves the bat. He would complain that his hands hurt when he made solid contact with his old Demarini bat. He loves the flare and comfort of the Bonesaber. At his hitting lesson tonight, the ball was jumping off the barrel, his hands felt great and his confidence grew with every pitch. I was blown away. Im a believer. Amazing! Thank you for such a great product. I think I could sell these things door to door, lol." — Richard Huhn

"My nephew, Joe Joe, has been smiling from ear to ear since he opened his bat. The bat turns heads every time he brings it out at practice; it has made him focus and practice harder because of all the eyes on him. He has received a lot of nice compliments on the bat and his Warstic t-shirt. It’s fun to see him excited about practicing!" — Perry Haddix

"I recently discovered Warstic with my 11 year old son and we've become somewhat obsessed with what you’re doing. I’m a big fan of unique and innovative takes on traditional things. You’ve taken design and performance to the next level. Your designs are simply stated, but have a great look with amazing messages. My son originally asked for Demarini batting gloves for Christmas, but changed his mind to your grey/gold gloves this week. The gold color schemes are great. Kudos on the athlete stories too. They’re great to allow my son to watch to learn what hard work really is." — Chris Defendis

"My 8 year old is a huge fan of Warstic. He has a one handed trainer and is on his second pair of Workman gloves. He such a big fan, he even asks me to read the Warstic blog as a bedtime story from time to time. Thanks for putting out such quality products and being a brand of great substance." — Joe Sabelko

"My son absolutely loves his new Warstic, and it has really transformed his game!" — Jason Godde

"To whom it may concern, To start off I want to praise your company for what you are doing in the youth sports community for young Native Americans. I also want to praise you for the quality of product that your company produces. This season I switched my 10 year old to your -10 Gunner 2 5/8" model and also the 2 3/4" model. It has boosted his confidence and has truly become a hunter at the plate. With refining his mechanics and mental aspect of being a hunter at the plate, his performance has been lifted to where it was a year ago."  Shawn Vernia

"1 year later still using it, best wood bat I've ever used over 15+ years." — Anthony Ciccone

"My son has been using his Bonesaber for a little less then a week and he loves it.It's a great bat. Keep up the good work guys." — Nichole Hansel

"At the end of my season last August, I purchased a metal bat and I could not be more satisfied! In the past I have been a decent hitter, singles, doubles and the rare triple but never the home runs. This season using my Warstic, I have hit four home runs and ended my Junior year of High School with a .419 batting average! I am in love with this bat!" — Dalton Knightley

Child taking practice swings with his baseball bat in the garage.
"Putting his work in. This young boy loves his Warstic Hawk 2 And his gloves. I just ordered him the Red White and Blue Workman 2’s. Keep up the great work. Looking for a woody for him soon." — Paul Rojas

"My son has been using his new Warstic Gunner bat for about a month now and loves it. We love what you guys are about. We've had several people stop and ask us where we got his bat." — Luis Mendoza

"My 9 year old has been playing baseball since he was 3 and started playing travel at 6. We recently ordered the batting gloves to start, and they are so cool!!! He loves the fact that they are different. We received the Gunner bat this weekend, and he tested it out at the training facility he plays at. He loves it, and was proudly showing it off to the trainers and to his teammates. He hit the best I have seen him hit this weekend, and I truly feel the bat gives him great confidence at the plate. Thanks again for the products, I am so impressed!" — Nicole Ybarra

"My son LOVES his Gunner. Says it’s the best feeling bat he’s ever swung. Thanks for building weapons for true warriors!" — Cody Meadows

"My nephew, Caden, also a Creek Warrior, gave my 13 year old son, Zanuel, his -5 Gunner for 14u fall baseball. Well his first game he hit over a 325ft fence, right field. In 6 games he hit 3 HRs, triples, doubles. They love these bats and gear! Thanks a lot. I've never seen my son Zanuel talk about a bat like this before. He loves the heavy weight of the barrel. Thanks again for keeping his light shining." — Manuel Martin

"My 6yo is thrilled with his new Bonesaber. He cannot wait for fall ball to start and for the wrath that he will bring down on the pitching machine." — Peter Hystead

"My 8 year old son, Levi, has been using his Warstic metal bat to compile an .850 batting average so far this season for the Lightning Elite. After several seasons using a competitors bat, he's now killing it at the plate with his Warstic and is really working hard and competing. You've got a huge Warstic fan and customer for life in him." — David Stern

"My son loves his Hawk2. It gives him confidence at the plate. Thanks Warstic for a great bat!" — Louie Hernandez

"I may never buy anything other than a Warstic again. Amazing bat, my son took one swing and fell in love!" — Brian Hunston

"My Son loves his Hawk 2 bat. He even slept with it. Thank y’all very much for such a great product. We have been looking and waiting to get one for months now. We love the product, and will definitely be supporting y’all in the future. We love the design and feel that goes into the whole line of gear." — Jeremy Lawrenson

"I wanted to send my sincere thanks for an amazing bat! My buddy and I coach high level girls and boys teams. We personalized this bat in orange with “hurricanes” to memorialize the girls Hurricanes 10U softball teams 5th place finish at nationals in Columbus. We’re going to use this bat to hit ground balls before games in our elite PGF tournaments to bring out some extra swag. Has the signature orange and amazing craftsmanship. Absolutely love it! Truly appreciate all you guys do. These bats are as good as it gets!" — Kyle Chisholm

"We stumbled upon your brand a little over a year ago. We couldn’t be more proud to rock it. My son Jackson is a big fan of his new Gunner BBCOR and the Workman II batting gloves." — Daniel Thornton

"My son Simon is a 9 year old baseball player in Huntington Beach, CA. He's getting ready for travel ball season and hit his first BOMB on this field with his new Warstic bat!" — Christian Andersen

"My 10 year old Matteo loves his Hawk2 Warstic bat!" — Paulo Tortorice

"My son Blake absolutely loves his Warstic metal bat and has been raking with it lately. He hit a grand slam last weekend!" — Jeff Slaga

"My 10-year-old son has now dented his second aluminum bat in less than a year. After researching Warstic, and because my son believes the metal bats look "sick", I have ordered a Warstic bat. I am excited to get this new bat in the mail. Keep doing what you are doing." — Michael McKnight

"I bought my son a Warstic bat and now it's his go-to bat. 3 games 3 extra base hits. Thanks!" — Dane Thomson

"Justin has been killing the ball with that Warstic. He's been nailing singles and doubles all season! Today he crushed one out over the center field fence. It was still elevating when it crossed the 220ft fence. It was a shot! He loves the bat, he has swung that thing so much that the grip is wearing off!" — Chris Sykes

"I am a college baseball player in my junior year and have been through a total of 10 pairs of batting gloves in the past 3 years. My teammate bought a pair of Warstic batting gloves his freshman year and they still look brand new. The product is remarkable and worth the price!" — Hayden Tapper

"My son's high school coaches were measuring exit velocity at practice the other day. One of the boys was swinging his Marucci Cat 7 and was topping out at 80mph. We have three players that swing Warstic bats. One of them threw him the Hawk2 and his next four swings were all 84 mph. Our coaches love your bats!!!" — Brandon Wofford

"My son Cooper's bat was on fire last weekend with some BOMBS! BATTLE On is right!!!!" — Mark Okolita

"Our boys currently use Warstic bats and we believe in the quality and workmanship of the products. Warstic has produces great outcomes for our boys!" — Jason Rank

"Just wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for the new hat! The leather chevron patch is awesome ... I’ve been getting tons of compliments on it!!!" — Warren Crosswhite

"This kid couldn't wait to get home to open his bat. Just in time for opening weekend!" — Andy Kane

"My son Cade just got his metal bat and loves it!" — Christopher Norris

"Thanks for the great bats!" — Adam Navarro

"Wow! Are you for real???? This bat is stupid hot. My 16s swung it today for the first time. 330-360ft with no problem. Using old dead baseballs. Couple swung the hawk. They like the end load." — Mario Mescino

"Connor hit 8 homers, he hit two more after the pic. The bat is awesome. Am glad I took a chance with Warstic." — Gregg Flaherty

"We received the second replacement bat yesterday. My grandson is in heaven. Thank you for being such a pleasant company to deal with." — Denise Evans