Warstic Sports Inc. is an independent USA based sporting goods company focused on the Art of Hitting.  We create uniquely designed baseball bats, gear, and apparel for hitters looking for something more than just technology and craftsmanship.  We consider each stic a sacred weapon crafted to express the individual player’s substance, style, and identity.

Hitting is the the hardest thing in sports.  Our hitting products are built to the highest allowed performance standards, and made to last.  True performance comes from the player, not the technology.  As it should be.  So we offer something more than technological hype.  We explore the mindset required to be consistently present in the moment.  In this spirit, we seek to help future generations of hitters connect mind and heart, with their mechanics.

A hitter should be the hunter, not hunted.  In a game where you deal with failure so often, a true offensive master realizes that the real battle is in the mind.  The most dangerous opponent we face is doubt.  War is, at it’s core, a struggle between opposing forces.  When we are under siege, we hear the chatter from all sides.  On one side, the past.  Regret, hate and anger.  On the other side, the future.  Fear, uncertainty and even despair.  Both are distractions we cannot afford to have when it comes to hitting an exploding fastball.  If doubt exists in the moment, our fate is sealed.  So, when the storm comes, how will you react?  In this game, how you bounce back from every single setback largely determines what kind of player you will be in the end.  It determines how you will handle the next challenge.  You have to have grit to overcome mental fatigue in order to let your body execute the mechanics you train to master.

Being a warrior is about much more than just willingness to run into a fight.  A true warrior is infinitely more dangerous to his opponent because he can recall a calm, quiet, high state of alertness and awareness.  This is his territory, his battleground.  The war stripes emblem placed on each of our bats is offered as focusing tool to bring us into this state or mind reminding us to see the space between the ||’s; the center in both the physical and mental realms.  The present.  This brings perspective, and a grateful, calm spirit.  It’s strong medicine bringing heart and mind together.  Approach each pitch, each at-bat, each game, each week, each season, your life, with a warrior's mindset.  Clear the mind of all concern for goal, trust your training, breathe, be present.  Like a predatory animal, in your stillness, you have a hidden thunder inside.  There is no question in your opponent's mind of your intent.  You are the hunter.

It’s not the weapon, it’s the warrior.