Warstic Sports Inc. is an independent, Dallas, Texas based sporting goods company focused on the Art of Hitting.  We create uniquely designed metal and wood baseball bats, gear, and apparel for hitters looking for something more than a performance boost. Our hitting products are beautifully designed, built to the highest allowed performance ceiling standards, and made to last. But we think beyond design and craftsmanship. We consider each stic to be sacred weapon crafted to express an individual player’s substance, style, and identity.  

It’s not the Weapon, it’s the Warrior.

True performance comes from the player, not just the technology. Hitting is the the hardest thing to do in sports so we work to provide value in the 6th realm. The mental realm. We explore the mentality required to be consistently present in the moment. In this spirit, you will find there is an ongoing conversation happening at Warstic about helping future generations of hitters connect mind and heart, with their mechanics. Being a warrior is about much more than just willingness to run into a fight. That’s just bravery. In a game where we deal with failure so often, a true offensive master realizes that the real battle is in the mind. How we bounce back from every setback largely determines what kind of player you will be in the end. The challenge is, in the space between every pitch, every game, every season, the hitters mind has an enormous amount of time to think. The hitters greatest obstacle becomes staying focused and maintaining belief in the moment.  It takes grit. Its all about belief. Fear, leads to doubt. If doubt exists in the moment, our fate is sealed. 

Focus like the Hunter.

The "warstripes" emblem on each of our bats represents this struggle between past and future. Both are distractions we cannot afford to acknowledge when it comes to hitting an exploding fastball. We offer this symbol as a focusing tool, reminding us to see the space between the ||’s; the present, the center balancing point in between the physical and mental realms. Through meditation, this brings perspective, and a grateful, calm spirit. Clear the mind of all concern for goal, breathe, trust your training, and be present. It’s strong medicine. When you have perspective, you achieve clear site. In this state, a hitter can have the mindset of the hunter, not the hunted. Offensive, not defensive. Not unlike a predatory animal, poised in their stillness to attack,  you are infinitely more dangerous to your opponent because you are in focused, calm high state of awareness.  The game slows down. There is no question in your opponent's mind of your intent. To hunt. Approach each pitch, each at-bat, each game, each week, each season, your life, with a warrior/hunter mindset.


Warstic was founded by former baseball player turned designer Ben Jenkins of @onefastbuffalo. In 2017, Jenkins partnered with investors Jack White of Third Man Records and formally the band The White Stripes, and Ian Kinsler, currently an American professional baseball player for the @tigers.