Warstic is an independent USA sporting goods company focused on the art of hitting. We hand craft wood and metal bats, athletic gear and lifestyle apparel for baseball and softball players of all ages looking for both quality craftsmanship and unique design.  But far beyond the basics of what we create, we believe the bat is more than just a tool, it’s an attitude, a state of mind and an instrument to personally represent the player’s substance and style.

While quality materials is an important aspect of what we do, it is only a small part of who we are.  We want to make the finest tool available in the game and yes that requires the hardest wood and most durable metal, but while we may start here, this is far from our end goal.

We wanted to change what performance design could look like.  So while baseball is a large part of the American story, our design isn’t nostalgic.  We are inspired by the past but want to be part of where baseball is going not just where it's been.  Our bats are simple and timeless; fresh but restrained and built to represent the unique identity of the player holding it.

For us the design was never simply about aesthetic.  We felt players spend so much time on the physical grit and heart needed for the game, they don’t spend enough time training their mind for the art of hitting.  It isn’t just about brute strength.  It requires intellect and instinct, an artful subtlety of you against a pitcher and how well you can read one another; the winner is the one that can best predict what the other is thinking.

The Warstripe represents a guided focus leading you into the mind of your opponent while guarding your own thoughts.  This creates a disciplined and unshakeable calm that makes you unpredictable to others and infinitely more dangerous in the game. The best player doesn’t always get a hit, but they do use every at bat to their advantage.  Because we love the athletes people can’t anticipate, those who play with a fresh mind and relentless confidence, those who aim for respect above attention and who truly understand the art of hitting.