Who we are.

Warstic is an independent USA based sporting hard goods and gear company focused on the Art of Hitting. We design and produce wood and metal baseball bats, hitting gear, and apparel for hitters looking for unique design, quality craftsmanship, durability and something more than just a sporting goods company. We think far beyond the realm of wood, metal, leather and paint. We approach each stic as a sacred weapon, craft them in small batches, and design each to express the individual player’s substance, style, and identity. When you swing Warstic® you swing it in honor, and support, of real world warriors and organizations out there fighting for causes that are fighting to improve the human experience.

Who we make it for.

We make our goods for baseball and softball players who play, and live, with a warrior’s mindset. We believe a true master of any skill must develop their own style. Something that works with who and what they are. We are against the trend toward the one-size-fits all, robotic, and dictated approach to hitting mechanics. We think part of the beauty of sport is the aesthetic of individual's technique and style. We are referring to the way you walk to the plate, the style of your stance, the way you hold the bat, the way you load, all of it. So we don’t expect, or even strive, to be the brand for every player in the lineup. We seek to find the player the in lineup who best embodies what a quiet warrior is all about.

Your style, your fit.

The bat should never be something the hitter questions as part of his success or failure. After all, it’s ultimately not the weapon, it’s the warrior that makes it sing. So we believe that the stic is an essential tool that should be carefully fitted to the individual hitter’s specific build and hitting style so that he can seamlessly execute the skill he has worked so hard to learn and master. A stic should fit the hitter so finely that it becomes an extension of his body and completes the hitter as an artist of offense. 

By design.

We are inspired by the past, but our aim is to evolve sporting goods to express something more. Yes, we treat this stuff like art. There is no reason any manufactured object made should not contain both functionality and beauty. We are bringing back an ancient idea of the personal and sacred weapon. Warstic’s existence itself is the result of the pursuit of artistic energy. It was our founder’s move towards creating a brand 100% out of love for design, love of sport, the spirit of grit, and the freedom of carving your own path making a living by making you what you care about. Our design aesthetic comes from an observance of the true nature of things. A connection to nature and a primal awareness that nature’s beauty comes from bold simplicity and the mastery of restraint in design. Utter and limitless uniqueness and strength is achieved through finding a new connection, but only including what is needed to express the intended meaning. Nothing more. Through this approach you can truly create objects that are new but also timeless.

The Warrior’s Mark

Hitting is the most difficult skill to master in sports. It takes more than muscle, more than training, more than mechanics, more than technique, and much more than talent. Players spend too much time mastering mechanics and training the body, and not enough time mastering the mind. Being a great hitter is about being a consistent one. A relentless one. It takes being strong minded. This is difficult because the mind wears out long before the body does. You have to have grit to overcome mental fatigue. We seek to help future generations of athletes connect mind and heart, with their mechanics. We want to help them find feel and flow more often. To do this we provide a guide of sorts.

The Warriors Mark, or “||’s", emblazoned every Warstic bat are not about us, they are about you. They serve as balancing tool of sorts to help you find the “center” in both the physical and mental realms. First, it has simple and practical physical function. It serves as a visual reference point to help you align the bat correctly in your hands for maximum exposure of the ball to the best wood. But more importantly, we offer the mark as a focusing tool for the mind and a reminder of the Warrior’s way. It’s strong medicine.

"The Devil whispers, you cannot withstand the storm."

War is at its core, a struggle between opposing forces. When we look at the Warrior’s Mark, we see those opposing forces. On one side, we see the past. Memories, experience, training, wins, loses, failure, embarrassment, regret, pain, glory and joy. On the other side, is the future. There is always another battle coming. Always. You are the hunted. Thinking of the future is where fear, doubt, hope, dreams, and all forms of anxiety live. This breeds tension. But the future is merely an idea. It’s not real yet.

Both past and present are distractions. Neither serves you in the moment. When our minds are tired, when we are under siege, when we hear the chatter from both sides it’s hard to focus. This tension can prevent your mind from letting your body execute the mechanics you want to unleash.

“When I am quiet, I have a thunder inside."

But we also see the space between the ||’s. The present. It’s very elusive to most. But it’s where a true master of any art form lives most of the time. It's his battleground, his territory. The ability to be fully aware is the single greatest skill a warrior possesses and is often overlooked as the 6th tool.

The Warrior’s Mark is a reminder to live and play between the ||’s.

In here, it’s about slowing down your life.
In here, it’s not about holding on, it’s about letting go.
In here, it’s about letting anxiety pass by.
In here, it’s about breathing.
In here, it’s about your spirit.
In here, it’s about your heart.
In here, it’s about you having gratitude.
In here, it’s about enjoying what we do.
In here, it’s about having clear vision, and clear intent.
In here, it’s about being all in. All there. Fully awake, fully aware, fully alive, full hearted.
In here, the game is slower.

We are way beyond “baseball ready” when we have this mindset. When mind and heart are one, when we let anxiety and tension go, our bodies are free to engage into the moment, play on instinct, and let our training come through unimpeded by thoughts. You more resemble a predatory animal poised to attack than an athlete. Your stance is hard, sharp, soft, and calm and all in one. It lacks tension. This is a signal to your opponent that you possess an alert, engaged, but peaceful mind. There is no question in your opponent's mind of your intent.

To kill.

You are now the hunter. Relentless, unshakable, exhausting, and infinitely more dangerous in the game than others.

"The warrior replies, I am the storm." 

- Johnny Battle