About Us.

Warstic Sports, Inc is an independent, USA-based, 100% direct to consumer only, craft sporting goods brand focused on hard-goods for stic-based sports. We work to design products that inspire athletes to attack the ball and life with the mindset of a warrior hunter. We design and produce Baseball & Softball Bats, Lacrosse Stics, Hockey Stics and stics for off season sports like surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, archery, fly fishing, golf, tennis, and hiking. We offer the lethal combination of unique and original design artistry with high performance, precision sports weaponry made to for all out war on the field.  Warstic® branded goods are built to spec for the individual stic sportsman who competes with a warrior’s mentality and follows their own code of substance, style, and character.


It’s not the weapon it’s the warrior. 


There is an ongoing conversation happening at Warstic with our tribe about helping future generations of stic warriors connect mind & heart, with mechanics. The Warstripe symbol represents this conversation. A focusing tool that helps us find the center balancing point between the physical and mental realms in the moment of battle, and reminds us to have the mindset, and live the lifestyle of the warrior. The warstipes represent the struggle between the past and the future. Both are distractions we cannot afford to acknowledge when it comes to hitting an exploding fastball. Clear the mind of all concern for the goal, have gratitude and perspective, breathe, trust your training, and be present. It’s strong medicine that helps you achieve clear site and possess the mindset of the hunter, not the hunted.



War is hell. Every pitch, every at bat, every game, every season is battle in the journey to win the war.


Time to Hunt.
Our athletes believe in his/her ability to master their craft by doing the work to learn their game and build confidence through developing technique over seeking shortcuts via cheap technology hacks. Through dedication to this mindset they simply become more dangerous to their competitor because they are more often highly focused and intent on their mission, calmly poised at every moment, and ready to attack. 



It is our ability to bounce back from failure and defeat that mostly determines our success in sports and life.  Call it courage, bravery, mettle, backbone, spirit, fortitude, resiliency, or character…. It’s the aspect of our personality that keeps us pushing on through challenge.  Warstic athletes are mentally tough and have  the ability to endure failure and bounce back quickly.



For the master, his craft does not define him. He has balance. So his craft does not consume him. Without having perspective, and appreciating the god given gifts, and freedom we have to play sports and enjoy all aspects of life beyond sports we can’t truly find joy in competing. Playing with joy is state we play our best in. We find flow when we have the attitude that we love what we are doing.  


Learn it. Earn it.

Warstic athletes possess a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset. The mindset that our ceiling is not defined by our talent, but rather only by our capacity to learn to learn. Shortcuts and life hacks are not for the warrior. The warrior is about the journey because he knows experience and wisdom are his best weapons. Knowing you have done the work to be prepared and having the right weapon inspires confidence in the big moment. A Warstic hitter, is a complete hitter. Because a one dimensional warrior, is a dead warrior.




Design Matters.  

A bat is the sacred weapon of the hitter. We are into finding our own path when it comes to design. We are not influenced by the trends and fads in the market. Our aesthetic comes from an observance of the true nature of things; a connection to nature and a primal awareness that it’s beauty comes from bold simplicity and the mastery of restraint in design. Strong design is achieved through finding new connections, but only including what is needed to express the intended meaning. Nothing more. In the same way, a stic should fit the hitter so acutely that it becomes an extension of the body and completes the hitter as an artist of offense. But fit is not a matter of your size, weight and/or  age. It’s a matter of feel. Soon we will offer programs to help hitters find the bat that works best with their swing style, and approach. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime build a custom wood bat>>


Warstic was founded by former baseball player turned designer Ben Jenkins of @onefastbuffalo in 2011. In 2016, Jenkins partnered with investors Jack White of Third Man Records and formally the band The White Stripes, and American professional baseball player  Ian Kinsler.