The Kill Shot, used in intense match point games such as ping pong, pool or anything where the opponent is about to use it to win the game.

The Kill Shot; what's the one thing that ultimately matters to your success, that ends the discussion, that wins the game.

The Kill Shot is an episodic podcast hosted by @warsticbaseball founder, designer and former professional baseball player Ben Jenkins (aka Johnny Battle) where we identify just that, what matters. The Kill Shot explores masters of mindset: top performers in sports, arts, business, and life who embody the warrior's spirit of grit and resilience in their battle to make themselves into extraordinary performers and humans.  The Kill Shot is not about the naturals. It’s about people who possess a true growth mindset-people who knew their talent alone was not enough, but believed in themselves; always learning, always growing, always doing work that makes the difference.  We peel back the layers of these inspiring people’s psyche to discover the singular mindset that made them who they are. Featuring original Music by Warstic co-owner, Jack White. The Kill Shot is sponsored by Warstic Sports Inc., a USA-based baseball & softball goods company focused on the art of hitting.  

Hosted By: Ben Jenkins
Photo by: danielnorris18



Episode 010 / Fueling the Warrior with Ian Kinsler and Thosh Collins

Thosh Collins

In episode 10 of the Kill Shot Podcast by Warstic, we visit with Warstic co-owner Ian Kinsler and co-founder of Well for Culture, Thosh Collins. In this conversation, we discuss the importance of what you are using to fuel your body and it's affect on performance, as well as the connection between hydration, sleep and proper recovery in maintaining optimal wellness. It's information that can translate into any lifestyle, any athletic ability.



Episode 009 / Painting the Beautiful Picture of Baseball with HOF Radio Broadcaster Eric Nadel

In episode 9 of The Kill Shot podcast we visit with HOF baseball broadcaster Eric Nadel. We take an insightful look into the lifelong pursuit of his craft, and also a look at the state of the game ’s entertainment value. We all know the game is evolving, but are we getting it right or wrong?




Episode 008 / Im Not Done. Inside the Mindset of the Surging Matt Kemp.

In episode 8 of the Killshot Podcast by Warstic we visit with Matt Kemp. We dive into the mentality of this great hitter and learn how he has decided to play out his career on his own terms. He is the best story in baseball in 2018. Learn why. 


Episode 007 / The Thrill of Battle with Will Clark.


In episode 7 of the Killshot podcast by Warstic we visit with the Mississippi State Bulldog baseball legend, the warrior, Will Clark. We tap into Will's mindset as not only an incredible college and MLB hitter but as a hitting instructor for the San Francisco Giants working with young hitters in today’s game. What is the truth about hitting from a person who has been through epic battles at the highest level, and what separates the men from the boys. 





Episode 006 / The Attitude of Gratitude with Justin Upton.


Today we visit with the Warstic 2018 Face of Battle Justin Upton. J UP was the overall first selection in the 2005 MLB draft. He has overcome the expectations of critiques to become one of the most production hitters in todays game. We discuss the artists fear of the blank canvas, quote bruce lee, discuss the creation of belief, the importance of playing to compete, and why players don't generally want to say hi to you when from the on deck circle.



Episode 005 / Learn it, to Earn it. With Reigning SEC Triple Crown Winner Brent Rooker. 

Today we visit with Warstic Pro Brent Rooker who is one of the most accomplished College Baseball Hitters of all time. What you don't know is just exactly how far he has come since high school. We discuss his incredible capacity to learn, and how it has led directly to him earning his place in college baseball history, and to be being a first round draft pick of the Twins. 



Episode 004 / Getting Our Mind Right with Nate Trosky

Enjoy our exploration into the mindset of the hitter as hunter with our friend Nate Trosky . Its HEAVY! and we loved every minute of it. A no doubter that should be shared with all players, coaches, and parents. 



Episode 003 / A Cup of Coffee with Alex Avila; Beard Talk and Playing to Win


We had a chance to catchup with Alex Avila over a cup of coffee this season. We discuss strong beard growing and how he accomplished his inspiring 2017 resurgence.



Episode 002  / The Win or Learn Philosophy with Michael Young


In our candid visit with Michael Young we discover the mindset of a true professional. Someone who never set his limits on the natural abilities he was given. Mike is the poster child for focusing on what you want to become and doing the work to get there.  We highly recommend this in depth discussion for parents and coaches as well as all the young hitters out there that hope to be masters of their mentality someday. We also broach the subject of specialization in youth sports and talk jiujitsu. Uh oh!  


Episode 001  / Staying poised in the moment with Jeff Banister.

Photo by: Seanberry

In our visit with Jeff Banister we explore the mentality required to be consistently present in the moment. Being a warrior is about much more than just willingness to run into a fight. It's about being ready, having an ability remain calm within the storm. Jeff has shown his entire life that he is exactly that, a warrior.  Please enjoy this raw, honest, and passionate interview with the fearless leader of a certain big league team of professional baseball players located in Texas. 


Bonus Episode  /  Jack White + Ben Jenkins on 1310 The Ticket

Warstic Co-owner Jack white and founder Ben Jenkins appeared on The Hardline show Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket recently live from Globelife Park in Arlington to make a big announcement and talk about the worlds of baseball and art colliding. 

Photo by: Swanny



Warstic was founded by former baseball player turned designer Ben Jenkins of @onefastbuffalo. In 2017, Jenkins partnered with investors Jack White of Third Man Records and formally the band The White Stripes, and Ian Kinsler, currently an American professional baseball player for the @tigers.