The Kill Shot is an episodic podcast hosted by @warsticbaseball founder, designer and former professional baseball player Ben Jenkins (aka Johnny Battle). The Kill Shot explores masters of mindset: top performers in sports, arts, business, and life who embody the warrior's spirit of grit and resilience in their battle to make themselves into extraordinary performers and humans.  The Kill Shot is not about the naturals. It’s about people who possess a true growth mindset-people who knew their talent alone was not enough, but believed in themselves; always learning, always growing, always doing work that makes the difference.  We peel back the layers of these inspiring people’s psyche to discover the singular mindset that made them who they are. Featuring original Music by Warstic co-owner, Jack White. The Kill Shot is sponsored by Warstic Sports Inc., a USA-based baseball & softball goods company focused on the art of hitting.  

Hosted By: Ben Jenkins
Photo by: danielnorris18



Episode 002  / The Win or Learn Philosophy with Michael Young

In our candid visit with Michael Young we discover the mindset of a true professional. Someone who never set his limits on the natural abilities he was given. Mike is the poster child for focusing on what you want to become and doing the work to get there.  We highly recommend this in depth discussion for parents and coaches as well as all the young hitters out there that hope to be masters of their mentality someday. We also broach the subject of specialization in youth sports and talk jiujitsu. Uh oh!  


Episode 001  / Staying poised in the moment with Jeff Banister.

Photo by: Seanberry

In our visit with Jeff Banister we explore the mentality required to be consistently present in the moment. Being a warrior is about much more than just willingness to run into a fight. It's about being ready, having an ability remain calm within the storm. Jeff has shown his entire life that he is exactly that, a warrior.  Please enjoy this raw, honest, and passionate interview with the fearless leader of a certain big league team of professional baseball players located in Texas. 


Bonus Episode  /  Jack White + Ben Jenkins on 1310 The Ticket

Warstic Co-owner Jack white and founder Ben Jenkins appeared on The Hardline show Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket recently live from Globelife Park in Arlington to make a big announcement and talk about the worlds of baseball and art colliding. 

Photo by: Swanny



Warstic was founded by former baseball player turned designer Ben Jenkins of @onefastbuffalo. In 2017, Jenkins partnered with investors Jack White of Third Man Records and formally the band The White Stripes, and Ian Kinsler, currently an American professional baseball player for the @tigers.