Designing the Bonesaber Patented Pommel Precision Knob

“Can we build this?” That’s the question that began the design process of the Warstic Bonesaber. When we set out to create this bat, we wanted something that would set it apart from the field. The idea that Warstic Founder, Ben Jenkins, had was to emulate the smooth tapered wood bat that several of our Warstic Pros were using, something unseen in the metal bat market. All metal bats in the past feature a harsh cylinder welded to the handle, and usually the taper is made by rubber wrapping around the handle covered by grip tape. In fact, players have been taping up their own tapers for decades to create a more comfortable feel.

Over the course of a year and half, we developed a fully tooled, symmetrical knob that is rounded for comfort. After multiple tests and adjustments of the design, we obtained a patent for the Pommel Precision Knob and began production.

Bonesaber Patent Document

Bonesaber Patent Image

Bonesaber Patent Image

The hallmark of well thought out design is the long-term benefits, in creating something unique, we also created something with an added benefit to athletes using Bonesaber. With the Pommel Precision Knob’s smooth, rounded design, it lowers the risk of hamate bone injuries. With a traditional knob on most metal bats, the swing motion can result in some contact with that part of the wrist, generating force transfer right into the hamate bone.

Warstic Pro Youth Athlete Shep Jenkins swinging the Bonesaber.

With its balanced feel, Bonesaber hitters generate more swing speed, making for bigger hits. We consider it the best all-around bat, ideal for gap-to-gap hitters. Ready to add Bonesaber to your arsenal? Click HERE to shop BBCOR and USSSA sizes.