Nashville Sandlot: Clash at Cumberland & Warstic Owners' Bat Auction


It's been 3 years since musician Jack White, professional baseball player Ian Kinsler and artist Ben Jenkins became business partners in Warstic Sports Inc.

Since then, we've had a lot to be grateful for with 3 years of 100% growth for Warstic, the final show of Jack White's world tour and Ian Kinsler winning the World Series! To celebrate what the last 3 years have brought, we gathered the Warstic Woodmen in Nashville for a sandlot baseball game to close out the 2018 season. 

The Warstic Woodmen led by Jack White took on a group of local ball players hopeful to keep our undefeated record in tact. We were feeling confident with Warstic Pros Ian Kinsler and Daniel Norris filling out our roster until the opposing team made a late addition of Ben Zobrist. We battled through 9 innings of freezing November baseball, but The Warstic Woodmen finished the 2018 season with a hard fought win and remain undefeated.  

For this Signed Special Edition bat we started with Jack White's personal model shape, added a black dip handle for Ian Kinsler's signature tape style and finished with a gold barrel inspired by the Warstic logo our founder Ben Jenkins personally designed. Each bat is signed by all 3 owners and hand numbered. With only 50 produced, it is a great addition to collections for baseball, art and music lovers alike.

View game pics below!

We made a fifth Jack White Collector's bat to mark the occasion. Now on auction! Help us raise funds for The American Indian Stic Warriors Fund 

View pics of the bat below!


Ends December 19th at Midnight CST!


Photography by 

Game: Sean Berry 

Bat: Andy Klein