Jack White and Ian Kinsler Invest in Warstic.

Grammy® Award-Winning artist, Jack White, and Detroit Tigers second baseman and four-time baseball All-Star, Ian Kinsler, became co-investors and co-partners with Warstic founder, Ben Jenkins, earlier this year.

White said he discovered Warstic through his love of design.  "I think we can make beautiful objects for not only professionals, but also young children just beginning to understand how important the tools of the trade are to their passion for competition," says White.

Warstic investors, Jack White and Ian Kinsler with Warstic founder, Ben Jenkins at Third Man Records Cass Corridor in Detroit.

Kinsler added, "Ben and the team truly believe that a bat should be more than just a bat - it can be a tool, an attitude and at the same time, a personalized representation of who you are as an athlete."  He later made Warstic history during Opening Week of the 2016 regular season in Miami after he hit a single in his first at bat followed by a HR in his next at bat.

Warstic hosted a launch party at White's Third Man Records Cass Corridor in Detroit after the Tigers' home opener series against the Yankees to celebrate the new partnership. 

"Ian is a great representation of what our brand is about on the performance and character side and I’m excited to have his experience, knowledge, talent, and work ethic on our team. On the other side, Jack represents our love and appreciation of sports as fans, of not just making things, but our willingness to make new things that have never been seen before. We are excited to have his support and his tenacious appetite for pushing the boundaries of art, even within sports. That, after all, is what Warstic is about," says Jenkins.

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Photos by David James Swanson.

Warstic founder, Ben Jenkins, at Third Man Records Cass Corridor in Detroit.Warstic investor and Tigers' second baseman, Ian Kinsler, at Third Man Records Cass Corridor in Detroit.Warstic investor and musician, Jack White, at Third Man Records Cass Corridor in Detroit.