The Art of Hitting Featuring Justin Upton & @onefastbuffalo

For this year’s MLB #PlayersWeekend we chose to make weapons of art as tokens of appreciation for these masters in the art of hitting. In our short film ‘The Art of Hitting’ featuring 2018 Face of Battle Justin Upton and Warstic founder Ben Jenkins, we explore our shared fear of the blank canvas.

The film is inspired by one of our favorite quotes:

“Art reaches its greatest peak when devoid of self-consciousness. Freedom discovers man the moment he loses concern over what impression he is about to make.”
- Bruce Lee

Everyone wants to make art, but there are hacks and there are masters and yes, there are critics.  What separates the hacks from the masters? The hacks listen to critics. Hacks linger in the past and let it define who they are, and what they make. Hacks rely on talent, because they don’t show up everyday to do the work. Hacks need to be comforted, and reassured. They make what the critics think they should make or worse, they are so paralyzed by fear they don't create at all. Masters, don't even hear critics. Masters only compete with themselves. Whatever they made good or bad in the's over, it doesn't even exist in the next moment. A master shows up every day, he doesn't rely on his talent ….he knows it's not enough. Masters know how to be miserable, how to grind, how to fight. They see fear as a guide…. they dance with it. To the master the blank canvas is a chance to make something new. It's his future to see what he is capable of. Following instructions never results in art. Trusting your instinct is your only chance. 

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