Artist Series

Our Artist Series creates one of a kind pieces of art using baseball bats as our canvas. Collaborating with a variety of talented artists, each of these pieces is unique, hand painted and produced in limited quantities.  Click below to shop available collections. 

A portion of each bat purchase goes to Warstic's cause:  The American Indian Stic Warriors Fund by Warstic was created to raise funds to sponsor Native American Youth in the sports of Baseball, Softball, Hockey, & Lacrosse.  We will also work to opportunistically improve the quality of sports facilities on tribal lands wherever we can. Our goal is to make quality instruction and education in these stic sports more accessible by easing the financial burden associated with specialized select sports in todays world. We will work with Native Youth to hone their mental game, increase nutritional knowledge and to expand their perspective on life beyond sports. We will work to provide mentors to extend our youths minds beyond the field of battle to make sure they value service, learning, health & nutrition, and appreciation for heritage, art and music.


"Art of Hitting" by Ben Jenkins


 Jack White Special Edition #7 Autographed "Reverchon Rumble" Bat