2018 Cooperstown Hall of Fame Sandlot Poster, [prouduct_type], [Warstic]

2018 Cooperstown Hall of Fame Sandlot Poster

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Before his concert at Brewery Ommegang, Jack White and the Warstic Woodmen were scheduled to play a sandlot game against a local Cooperstown league at the historic Doubleday Field. These special edition prints had already been produced in limited quantity to have on hand at the game; however, the weather refused to cooperate. It rained all night and throughout the morning making Doubleday unplayable.

As the Warstic Woodmen gathered in a small local diner to regroup, Jack decided rain or shine... we were playing ball that day. The Warstic team scrambled to pull in any favors and any contacts they could (even a call to the local Mayor) before finally getting the ok to use a small public field outside of town.

It was a mud pit by then with no chalk lines and high grass, but almost like it was planned the rain let up as we walked out for the first pitch. What happened next was a classic sandlot game with dugout beers, loose animals on the field and a general good time had by all. 

In attendance was the President of the Baseball Hall of Fame who watched as the Warstic Woodmen continued their undefeated streak. After the game, he personally requested that Jack White's game used bat be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. See our blog post for full photos from the event 

These posters now symbolize the game that never happened at Doubleday but led to a turn of events that got a Warstic in the Baseball Hall of Fame (so we are keeping a few for ourselves). This screen printed poster is 13"x19"

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