A bat is the sacred weapon of the hitter. We are into finding our own path when it comes to design. We are not influenced by the trends and fads in the market. Our aesthetic comes from an observance of the true nature of things; a connection to nature and a primal awareness that it’s beauty comes from bold simplicity and the mastery of restraint in design. Strong design is achieved through finding new connections, but only including what is needed to express the intended meaning. Nothing more. In the same way, a stic should fit the hitter so acutely that it becomes an extension of the body and completes the hitter as an artist of offense. But fit is not a matter of your size, weight and/or  age. It’s a matter of feel. Soon we will offer programs to help hitters find the bat that works best with their swing style, and approach. Stay tuned for more. In the meantime build a custom wood bat>>