dazzle gloves

The Dazzle Camo IK3 Collection is available for auction.


These special edition Dazzle Camo IK3 Gloves were designed by glove tattoo artist and Chahalis Tribe member, Ryan Burnett. In honor of American Indian Heritage Day In Texas, we want to auction these gloves off with all proceeds benefitting the River of the Canoes Pow wow happening Sept. 24-25 in Downtown Dallas. Own this one-of-a-kind glove and support the Native and Indigenous people of Texas.  

Dazzle camouflage was once typically used on war vessels to complicate an enemy's ability to target ships with its curved and diagonal lines. A sneaky, elusive design, glove tattoo artist. Ryan Burnett, was inspired to incorporate this idea into the collection by the Time to Hunt Warstic mantra. 


The Rivers of the Canoes Pow wow will be held on September 24-25 from 1 pm - 10 pm on Dallas City Hall Plaza. All are welcome to attend. The pow wow celebrates American Indian Heritage Day in Texas and aims to bring the tradition, culture and ceremonies to Dallas with the goal of amplifying native voices and educating on cultural preservation. Join us in celebrating these voices by bidding for the special edition Dazzle Camo IK3 Gloves with all proceeds going to help eco-camps and cultural preservation.