**BIG ANNOUNCEMENT** Warstic Launches The Warstic Baseball Club and The Warstripe Nation Network of Affiliated Clubs.***

Warstic Sports Inc, a sporting goods brand specializing in hitting tools such as wood and metal baseball bats, batting gloves, and apparel, has joined forces with CITIUS BASEBALL to create the newly formed Warstic Baseball Club. With 20+ teams in the DFW metroplex, as well as teams in Florida, and New York our select baseball organization will be a multi-sport friendly clan of connected teams who share the Warstic mindset of developing complete players and human beings who battle. Starting with over 40 teams this fall, we will be expanding in spring into more cities in Texas, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Illinois, and more. 

“I am extremely excited this is finally happening. We have been approached about doing this many, many times but I wanted to wait until we can do it right. We have a mindset toward changing the culture of select baseball. So the vision is big. It’s time. I have known Omar Washington, founder and long time director of Citius baseball, as a youth teammate, parent, coach, mentor, and leader for over 35 years. I have spent the last year watching he and his son Ty and other Citius coaches put love, care, knowledge, passion, and expertise into my own son’s life, and treat every organizational player as their own. There is a genuine desire to teach, inspire kids to learn to learn, and learn to work. I have never seen such passion and hunger for the game in a select organization like this. It's frankly what it's all about to me. Select sports has lost its purpose, but Omar and I have a heart towards what matters in life and are not afraid to go against the grain. And that its what the Warstic mentality is all about. So I feel that this is the perfect organization to join forces with, and to build out from. There will be no Warstic teams ever tagged as Elite, or Prime. These terms have been overused and mean nothing at this point. We will work to help players develop themselves into elite players through education, mindset development, and fundamental training; developing them as athletes and true competitors through participation other team and individual sports, and simply through putting in the work. This WILL NOT be a recruiting based organization. If we don’t do the work to teach, inspire and develop, we will not win. And we will not keep players. And that’s the challenge we are putting on ourselves.” - Ben Jenkins, Founder & CEO Warstic Sports, Inc.

Scouts of the Warrior Mindset.
Masters of Grit.
Hunters of the Baseball & Life.

Upcoming Events:
Date: Saturday August 4th, 2018
Location:  Rick Oden Park in Garland, TX
6u-10u at 9am-10:30
11u-14u at 10:30-12:00
Please arrive 30 min before to warm up
Please see attached images of our upcoming Spring 2019 uniforms. We will break down our age groups into family clans.

For more information and to inquire about player and coaching opportunities please email WarsticBaseballCLub@warstic.com

Team Warstic is a flagship member of 
Learn it. Earn it.

The Warstripe Nation will be non-profit organization created by Warstic Sports Inc that will sponsor youth ball players with financial hardship nationwide with special focus toward Native American and inner city youth. The Warstripe Nation is also a network of affiliated teams and organizations across the country, connected by the Warstic sprit. Players will receive educational content, training, mentorship, leadership and guidance beyond what the baseball organizations and teams traditionaly provide. This is all in an effort to develop young men, and eventually women, into their full potential as human beings not just ball players. Selected members of the Warstripe Nation will be powered by the Warstic brand and receive access to these services and Warstic brand products. Once a year The Warstripe Nation with gather together as teams, to showcase selected coaches and players who exemplify the Learn it. Earn it. mentality.

For more information and to inquire team affiliation opportunities please email WarstripeNation@warstic.com