Dallas Sandlot and Jack White Autographed Bat Auction Benefiting Reverchon Park

It's a rare occasion when we're able to have all three Warstic owners in the same place. With Jack White and the Raconteurs tour bringing them to Dallas this October, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for Ian Kinsler to join Ben Jenkins and the rest of the Warstic Woodmen for a sandlot baseball game.


Team Picture of The Warstic Woodmen and the Reverchon Rats

The game took place at the Reverchon Park baseball field, versus the Reverchon Rats, a rag-tag group of players who call the park home. Once again joining the Woodmen, with a permanent place in the line-up, were Jack's fellow Raconteurs Brendon Benson and Dean Fertita. Plus, Warstic Pro Bryan Holaday was in town and decided to suit up in gold and join the squad.


Pro Ball Player Bryan Holaday with Warstic co-owners Ian Kinsler and Jack White and Warstic Founder Ben Jenkins

Reverchon Park has always been a "homefield" for the Warstic Woodmen. Warstic co-owner Ben Jenkins has played there for years, watching the city of Dallas grow around this urban greenspace. It’s history goes back to its founding in 1915, with the addition of the baseball field in 1920. The grandstand was completed in 1924, and in 1953 it hosted an exhibition game between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Indians. In that match up, the legendary Willie Mays of the Giants faced off against the Indian’s star pitchers Bob Feller and Bob Lemon. And in the 70s, the field hosted SMU as they constructed a new homefield on campus for the Mustangs.


As many parts of the park have or will soon reach their centennial, a number of features are in need of serious repair and assistance with maintenance. A portion of the profits from our latest Jack White Special Edition Autographed Bat will go to the Friends of Reverchon Park, this organization works to fill the funding gaps and make sure this park continues to serve the community.

Close up of the Special Edition Jack White Autographed 'Rat Bat'

We made this Signed Special Edition WS3 Jack White Collector's bat to mark the occasion, the seventh in our Jack White series.


Jack White Special Edition 'Rat Bat"

This special edition mirrors the jerseys we created for the Reverchon Rats, featuring a matte black handle, barrel with bars of smoke and thundercloud, and a navajo bone wartip with black engraving. Each bat is signed in black by Jack White, then hand numbered. With only 50 produced, it is a great addition to collections for baseball and music lovers alike. Click HERE to bid on these bats, auction ends October 28th at 2pm CST.

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The Dallas Rats Jersey made for the Reverchon Rats to wear for this sandlot game, features "RATS" in gray on the front (positioned in the dark gray gradient) with a gradient color pattern that starts as dark gray at the shoulders and transitions to white at the bottom of the jersey.

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The Warstic Woodmen in the dugout pregame

The Warstic Woodmen getting ready for the game.

The Warstic Woodmen & the Raconteurs in the dugout pregame

Warstic Owner & Founder Ben Jenkins in the dugout pre-game

The Warstic Woodmen warming up pre-game

Warstic Woodmen stretching before the game

The Warstic Woodmen pregame

Brendan Benson stretching before the game