'Time to Hunt' 2019 Player's Weekend Signed Bat Auction

For Player’s Weekend 2019, our Team Warstic youth players matched up our Warstic Pros to the animal spirit power they most exemplify. We made each a hand painted Player's Weekend #timetohunt bat for battle, an official #teamwarstic jersey, and other gifts from our youth teams.


Bid on the bats for these players, click their name below or to go to the full auction page HERE

Ian Kinsler Cougar Clan Autographed

Isiah Kiner-Falefa Eagle Clan Autographed

Bryce Harper Hawk Clan Autographed

Miguel Cabrerea Crow Clan Authenticated Game Used & Autographed Bat

Enrique Hernandez Cougar Clan Autographed

Joc Pederson Crow Clan Game Used & Autographed Bat

Josh Donaldson Wolf Clan Autographed

Kevin Pillar Wolf Clan Authenticated Game Used & Autographed Bat

Jake Arrieta Bear Clan Autographed

Mike Moustakas Bear Clan Autographed

Delino Deshields Cougar Clan Game Used & Autographed Bat

Nick Castellanos Wolf Clan Autographed

Justin Upton Hawk Clan Authenticated Game Used & Autographed Bat

Jace Peterson Eagle Clan Authenticated Game Used & Autographed Bat

Gordon Beckham Cougar Clan Authenticated Game Used & Autographed Bat

Alex Avila Bison Clan Authenticated & Autographed

Jake Rogers Wolf Clan Authenticated Game Used & Autographed Bat

Bryan Holaday Bison Clan Authenticated Game Used & Autographed Bat

Shin Soo Choo  Hawk Clan

All of the Player's Weekend Bats in pile


The bats were designed by @OneFastBuffalo, painted by Texas artist Ron Head and inspired by our Team Warstic youth teams. Each age group represents a different animal with its own strengths to develop better individuals on and off the field.

Artist Ron Head painting one of the bats


Our theme of ‘Time to Hunt’ is focused on each animal's core power. They are all shown highly focused and intent on their mission, calmly poised at every moment, and ready to attack.

To remind our Pros of that philosophy, we created functional pieces of art. And now these collector’s items are up for auction to benefit the American Indian Stic Warriors Fund. We are close to our goal of helping build a youth baseball field on tribal lands so please bid now! 



Warstic created the American Indian Stic Warriors Fund as a way to sponsor Native American Youth in the sports of Baseball, Softball, Hockey, & Lacrosse. Our goal is to make quality instruction and education in these stic sports more accessible by easing the financial burden associated with specialized select sports in today’s world. We also use the fund to aid organizations that specialize in supporting Native American communities, by pinpointing projects that align with the Funds goals. Click HERE to bid on the 2019 Player’s Weekend Bats.



Check out all of the Player’s Weekend Bats below!

All of the player's weekend bats in a pile, view of their knobs with the player's bat specs on them.


The Cougar is a symbol of self awareness and does not seek external sources for encouragement, but builds confidence from within. Its unique ability to focus on the present gives it an acute sense of timing, striking without hesitation when the moment is right.

From Team Warstic Cougar Clan 6U to Ian KinslerEnrique Hernandez  Delino DeShields & Gordon Beckham

Kike Hernandez' Player's Weekend Bat

The Eagle represents freedom from expectations set forth by others. It ignores limitations, uses its abilities to see in broad perspective and then efficiently attack its target.

From Team Warstic Eagle Clan 8U to Jace Peterson 

The Bear is the ultimate symbol of strength against adversity and a grounding force of calm leadership. It is both feared and admired, but always respected.

From Team Warstic Bear Clan 10U to Jake Arrieta & Mike Moustakas 

The Wolf represents loyalty, strength and fierce protection for those in its circle. It teaches us to use personal power unselfishly for the benefit of those in our tribe and maintain unity on the path to victory.

From Team Warstic Wolf Clan 12U to Josh DonaldsonKevin PillarNick Castellanos & Jake Rogers 

 The Hawk represents the deadly force created when clear vision meets intense focus allowing it to hunt with unmatched speed and accuracy.

From Team Warstic Hawk Clan 14U to Bryce Harper, Justin Upton & Shin Soo Choo

The Bison represents selfless use of power, the ability to survive seemingly insurmountable odds and carrying a deep sense of gratitude in all its actions.

From Team Warstic Bison Clan 16U to Alex Avila & Bryan Holaday

The Crow is a sign of change and represents the ability to attain higher perspective and gain thoughtful awareness that past, present and future all reside in a single moment.

From Team Warstic Crow Clan 18U to Miguel Cabrera & Joc Pederson


Bat Photos by Sean Berry


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