This holiday season #iankinsler and @warstic made a special home delivery to an awesome #texas kid named Gunner. His pops Rhett had purchased Gunner a #warstic metal bat. The Gunner 2 piece #USSSA Metal Bat to be exact. So Ian Kinsler Klaus decided we should make a house call to meet this warrior and deliver the bat. Little did we know Kinsler is his all-time favorite player. Check out the stack of Ian Kinsler baseball cards. All were signed. But watch the end of the video when Ian surprises the kid with a #fieldofdreams moment. I have to hand it to Kins…that was his idea. There are no big leaguers at #warstic. Only big humans. 
Thanks to the Stokes family for having us! #offseason #baseball #holidays #santalikestohit
Checkout Gunner 2 Piece #USSSA Metal bats >>