Warstic Supports Native American Youth Baseball

When you swing Warstic® you swing it in honor, and support, of real people and organizations out there battling for causes to improve the human experience.  The core cause we support on an ongoing basis is the battle to better the health and wellness of Native American Youth in America. One way we do this is directly thru the sport of baseball by networking to locate and identify Native American youth players, and their teams. This holiday season we located 33 Native American Youth players in Oklahoma. We sent each youth a Warstic Warhawk Metal Bat, along a letter of encouragement addressing each person by name and tribe. This was not charity, this was us saying thank you. Thank you for representing your tribe in the great sport of baseball. Thank you for being an example to others by playing such a tough sport like baseball. Thank you for showing other youth that baseball is a great teaching tool for the mind. 

Our hope is to wake up in 20 years and see not only 1 or 2 Native American Major League players, but many. 




Ongoing Native American Youth Sponsorship. 

As an extension of these efforts we are offering discounted product to all Native American youth playing baseball in America. We also extend that discount to teams supporting Native youth on their teams. Help us spread the word. Help us locate teams who support Native youth. Contact us at info@warstic.com for inquires. 

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