Raconteurs Limited Edition Signed Collector's Bat

“Help Us Stranger.” It’s the title of our co-owner Jack White’s new record with The Raconteurs, but the title also serves as a reminder for us at Warstic. Every event we plan, every sandlot, we make sure it gives back, helping strangers.

When we created the American Indian Stic Warriors Fund, our goal was to find ways to make sports more accessible to Native Youth. We provide scholarships and grants, donate equipment, but our ultimate goal was always to repair and build fields on tribal lands. 

Earlier this year, we heard about the work Native Hope was doing on the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Dakota. They are taking what was a rundown sandlot field and transforming it into an official baseball diamond for the local youth. Their initial efforts got the project started, but more is needed to finish the field which will be used for generations to come.

We know the kind of lasting impact access to sports can make on local youth and we are dedicated to doing our part in preserving existing community fields or building new ones where they can be enjoyed. We were excited to take part in helping Native Hope reach their goal and so we are introducing our latest special edition bat unlike anything we have done yet. 

In honor of co-owner Jack White and our newest Warstic Woodmen recruits Brendan Benson, Patrick Keeler, Jack Lawrence and Dean Fertita, we have created the Raconteurs Special Edition Bat. Inspired by their newest album and its title track “Help Me Stranger”, this matte black bat features a green wartip, engraved ‘Walking Man’ emblem and is signed by the entire band. With only 49 available (the band kept one as a souvenir) this is a great collector’s item for any fan. 

A portion of all profits go directly towards Native Hope in its effort to build a baseball field for Native youth on the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Reservation. Click HERE to bid on this special edition bat. Auction ends Friday, September 20th at 3pm CST.

Raconteurs Special Edition Bat, autographed by the Raconteurs in gold.

Close up view of the gold autographs on the Raconteurs Special Edition Bat

Billy Reid's Alabama Slammers VS the Warstic Woodmen

Jack White at first base

The victorious Warstic Woodmen meet the defeated Alabama Slammers at the end of the game to slap hands.

Also available for purchase, the ‘Bama Battle’ Sandlot Poster to commemorate this year’s Shindig Sandlot, as well as the Warstic Woodmen’s Gold Jersey and our original black Woodmen's Jersey.

Dark green poster with bright green writing, commemorating the Sandlot game at Billy Reid's Shindig in August 2019.