Announcing The American Indian Stic Warriors Fund

Recently, the Woodmen squad hosted a sandlot baseball event in Tulsa, Oklahoma to celebrate the launch of our fund: The American Indian Stic Warriors Fund. 

The fund raises money to sponsor Native American Youth in the sports of Baseball, Softball, Hockey, & Lacrosse. It will not only sponsor individual players but also be used to improve the quality of sports facilities on tribal lands. Our goal is to make quality instruction and education in these stic sports more accessible by easing the financial burden associated with specialized select sports in todays world. We will work with Native Youth to hone their mental game, increase nutritional knowledge and to expand their perspective on life beyond sports. Learn more in our video below

Thanks to Native-Owned Firethief Productions out of Tulsa, Oklahoma for the great video.


View game pics below!

We made a fourth Jack White Collector's bat to mark the occasion. Now on auction! Help us raise funds for The American Indian Stic Warriors Fund 

View pics of the bat below!


Ends November 19th at 2pm CST!


Photography by 

Firethief Productions  Andy Klein  Sean Berry