Warstic's Ongoing Efforts to Support the Health of Native Youth.


Anthony "Thosh" Collins played the role of the "hunter" in our new short film, Warcry: The Battle of the Hawk & the Raven.

Thosh is the co-founder of Well For Culture - an initiative within the Native Wellness Institute which seeks to teach and promote healthy lifestyle practices, ancestral eating, Indigenized fitness, and mental-spiritual connectedness.

Our mission at Warstic is to make more people aware of the harder to find, but important causes led by real world people, like Thosh, whose missions aim to improve the human experience.  We do this by highlighting their stories, supporting them through fundraising efforts, and through sharing a portion of our annual profits.  When you swing Warstic® you swing it in honor and support of these people and organizations.

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Thosh works as a photographer and serves as a board member for the Native Wellness Institute and is Co-Founder of Well For Culture. He draws strength and motivation from the spiritual cultural practices of his ancestral people, and recognizes the inherent physical durability embodied by them. He uses this understanding as the basis to encourage all to "Indigenize" fitness and diet as he contributes to the growing wellness movement across Native America in a way that is holistic and culturally appropriate. 


Anthony "Thosh" Collins

Anthony "Thosh" Collins