Ian Kinsler and Ben Jenkins on "Trosky Tuesday" Podcast

Warstic Founder Ben Jenkins and co-owner Ian Kinsler recently joined long-time friend of Warstic, Nate Trosky, for the weekly "Trosky Tuesday" series.

Here's the highlights from the conversation:

  • @ 7:40 - Mind/Body/Spirit: Nate Trosky sets the tone for the conversation, and how your mind has a profound impact on the physical aspect of the game.
  • @ 10:00 - Flow and 40 Club: In 2014, when Ian played for Detroit, he worked with Matt Martin on a drill he developed, 40 Club. Ian credits that work to greatly improving his skills on defense by getting his body mechanics down, so his mind was clear. Like a cheetah, when you look at it at rest or on the hunt, it's face remains the same, relaxed and effortless.
  • @ 24:20 -  The Warstic Mindset: Ben Jenkins explains why Ian was the perfect fit to represent Warstic as a pro, and how he knows he was missing the mental component to his game during his playing career.
  • @ 28:00 - Addressing the problem with today's youth sports: Ian and Nate discuss the component Parent's play in the developing their athletes, both the positive and extremely negative effect they have on their mental performance.
  • @ 38:00 - Familiarity brings confidence: Nate talks about how if you're not used to something, like seeing a 93 MPH pitch or driving 160 on the autobahn, it's going to seem difficult. But the more you see that pitch or drive that speed, the less it seem fast and more it seems normal.
  • @ 46:09 -  The measure of success: Tony Hilde talks about how parents change the game for kids.
  • @ 48:12 - The edge of being an athlete: Ian talks that being relaxed on the field doesn't mean you aren't playing with an edge. There's still intent, but there's not tension.
  • @ 57:23 - VOD or VOC: Ian talks "self-talk" and how he's always talking himself up on field. When he's not talking to himself, that's when he's leaving himself to that inner voice of doubt.
  • @ 1:07:13 - When you have doubt, tension enters the body: When you loose confidence what you know, you become impaired and error prone. Repetition and drills build your confidence.
  • @ 1:38:36 - Getting your glove game ready: Ian shares how he breaks in his fielding glove for infield play.


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