The Art of War by Sun Tzu

We are Scouts of the Warrior’s Mindset hoping to arm athletes with the knowledge and perspective that helps them reach their potential on and off the field. It’s a pursuit to forge players into warriors… into hunters of the baseball & life.

We are starting the Warrior’s Library to highlight books, articles and people who have the wisdom and insight it takes to become a master of your craft. Each week, we will share one with #WarstripeNation along with some of our favorite passages and key take aways.

There was no question, the first should be Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, truly essential reading for anyone seeking the Warrior’s Mindset. Even though it was written in the 5th Century BC, it is equally relevant today. Considered the finest example of tactical strategy, its central theme is how to outwit your enemy with calm planning even in the most dire of situations. Click HERE to read the entire book, or scroll down to see some of our highlights.