Player's Weekend Artist Series Bat Auction for Causes.

Original, Hand painted, big league game-used and autographed MLB Players Weekend bats available for auction to support our causes.

We have bats available from these players:

- 2017 World Series MVP George Springer
- Former AL MVP and Triple Crown Winner Miguel Cabrera
- 4 Time All Star Justin Upton
- 4 Time All Star Ian Kinsler
- 2 Time All Star Elvis Andrus 
- AL All Star Alex Avila
- Nicholas Castellanos
- James McCann
- Andrew Romine


Auction begins at Thursday December 14, 2017 at 8am CST, and will last 5 days. 



Major League Baseball's first-ever Player's Weekend took place back in August 2017 as a way to showcase the personalities and interests of players as a way to increase fan and youth engagement in the sport.  As part of that weekend, big league players were allowed to use customized equipment with relaxed rules for decoration. Wood bats were allowed to exceed the common color schemes and stain styles usually allowed.

The one of kind bats designed by Warstic Founder/Designer Ben Jenkins of OneFastBuffalo and hand-painted by Texas-based tattoo artist, Sawyer Thomas, and Cory Angevine. The unique bats were inspired by the Warstic short film WARCRY and feature Warstic's authentic "Wartip" stain style, and a hand-painted arrow design with a red and blue feather showing our support of the health and wellness of Native American Youth and US injured military Veterans.

"I think Player's Weekend was intended to show the personal flair and individualism of Big League players. I guess you could say it was about swag. I think the interesting thing that came out of it was some of the players chose to take the attention off themselves and instead use the creativity of the event to highlight and support others. For our players, what made sense was to highlight causes Warstic supports--the health and wellness of Native American youth, US injured military veterans, and really just anything where humans need to band together to battle the things we are challenged with. For instance, in this case, the challenges facing people in Houston and Florida from hurricane disasters were major issues on the players' minds this fall. The bat design was meant to show our respect to the warrior's mindset through the Wartip design, and the focus of the hunter with the arrow. The auction has become a nod to the spirit of the people battling on behalf of the causes we support. So, the cool thing here is people have a chance to collect some very rare baseball art and support good causes at the same time. By rare, I mean I am sure this is the first time in Big League history a stain style of this type was ever used in a game. That was especially fun for us." - Ben Jenkins (Founder of Warstic)

Profits from the auction of Kinsler, Cabrera, Castellanos, Romine, and Upton bats will go to Well For Culturean initiative within the Native Wellness Institute which seeks to teach and promote healthy lifestyle practices, ancestral eating, Indigenized fitness, and mental-spiritual connectedness. Profits from the Springer & Avila bats will go to Houston and Miami Hurricane relief. Profits from McCann bat will go to support US Injured Veterans via the Travis Mills Foundation. Thosh Collins, who played the role of the "hunter" in our short film, Warcry: The Battle of the Hawk & the Raven, is the co-founder of Well For Culture



True warriors defend the defenseless.  When you swing Warstic, you swing it in honor and support of real world people and organizations battling for causes to improve the human experience.  Our mission is to make more people aware of the harder-to-find, but important causes, by highlighting their stories, supporting them through fundraising efforts, and through sharing a portion of our annual profits. WE want to inspire youth to attack the ball with the mindset of a hunter. And to believe in themselves. 



Each auction includes 1 bat, and 1 hand crafted arrow by Cherokee artist Mason Gray (the same arrow was presented to each player on Players Weekend).

View the pics below and  follow the links to each EBAY auction.

All Photography by the great Andy Klein. Thanks Andy!!!!!

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George Springer (Autographed)


Miguel Cabrera (Game Used & Autographed)

Justin Upton (Game Used & Autographed)

Ian Kinsler (Game Used & Autographed)

Elvis Andrus (Autographed)

Alex Avila (Autographed) 

Nicholas Castellanos (Game Used & Autographed)

James McCann (Game Used & Autographed)

Andrew Romine (Game Used & Autographed)